About Transition Sydney

Transition Sydney is a group of Sydney people whose concern about the impact that climate change, fossil fuel depletion, and collapsing global trade and financial systems will have on our way of life calls us to do something practical about it.

Action is needed at the local level to help communities transition to the new realities these forces will bring and to build their own local resilience. This action starts with a few people getting together and deciding to do something in their local area.

Our role is to promote and support such local action - and to roll up our sleeves and work alongside those local groups and coalitions that take up the challenge. Our aim is to be both a catalyst, a partner and an ongoing resource centre for local transition initiatives across the region.

Our focus in this endeavour is on the Sydney Basin Bioregion. While the action projects we aim to encourage and support will be at the suburb and precinct level, our local energy, food and water dependencies span the entire Sydney Basin Bioregion and beyond, and local solutions need to take these into account.

Luckily, we are not the first and not alone in this endeavour. There are well advanced grass-roots initiatives around the world which have created a pathway for us to follow while we create our uniquely Australian, uniquely Sydney response.

So how does Transition Sydney help local Transition Initiatives?

Since the first meeting in March 2008 when three strangers met after work in a CBD cafe, our vision to assist local transitions all over the greater Sydney Bioregion began to take shape and has driven our efforts since then. In short our efforts are directed toward doing whatever it takes to:

Specifically, what does Transition Sydney have to offer?

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you and your local community  embark or continue your transition initiative